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Average cost to build a patio is about $2,000 (12'x16'). ... the average concrete patio will cost around $700 using pavers and doing all of the work independently ...Get Sample

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At Stafford Home and Patio, we specialize in building patios, two story walk decks, carports as well as artistic paver installations. Our team of builders can create anything from wood framed patios with rough cut wood to complete stucco system patios integrated seamlessly to the existing house.Get Sample

Elevated Wood Frame Deck With EP Henery Pavers In It.

Re: Elevated Wood Frame Deck With EP Henery Pavers In It. I looked at a deck on one of the big hotels here a month or two back that had a elevated stone deck. All galv. steel frame in a big grid w/thick granite or marble layed in the grid pattern.Get Sample

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Pavers on Top of Wood Deck? ... Any of you done a paver patio on TOP of a wood deck? Sort of an odd request. ... If you can get some 1.5" pavers that would be the ...Get Sample

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Instead of digging way down in our terribly hard soil, my husband and I decided to build a raised patio. So, using 2 x 6's, we buildt a rectangular, wooden frame 13 ft. x 30ft. We're going to put paver stones on the inside, but do not want any of the wood to show.Get Sample

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Home >>Project Case>> pavers on wood frame. pavers on wood frame ... Build the ledger frame for the patio using wood stakes and bender board. DIY Patio Pavers - YouTube.Get Sample

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How to Design and Build a Paver Patio. ... See How to Design and Build a Paver Walkway to learn ... A 4-foot level with a 1-inch block of wood attached to the end is ...Get Sample

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Before starting to lay the pavers in place, snap chalk lines along the edges of the patio to ensure the paver rows stay straight. To give the patio a nice framed feel, place the outer row perpendicular to the inner rows.Get Sample

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Laying concrete pavers is a simple and inexpensive way to create a patio entertainment area. Pebble Patios Get all the info you need on pebble patios, so you can add an attractive, efficient and economical hardscape to your backyard or outdoor living space.Get Sample

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Build the ledger frame for the patio using wood stakes and bender board. The ledgers will help keep the pavers in place. Use a measuring tape to make sure the area is framed out evenly.Get Sample

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Following the paver installer's recommendations, we framed the deck with 2x8 joists 12 inches on-center. Then we screwed down rows of 2x4 sleepers on top of and perpendicular to the joists. These are also spaced 12 inches on-center to accommodate the patio stones, which are sized 1 foot square, 1 foot by 2 feet, and 2 feet square.Get Sample

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A stone paver deck requires traditional wood framing over which the modular grating panels are secured by screws. The two different deck projects below show exactly how this will look before and after.Get Sample

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When making a selection below to narrow your results down, each selection made will reload the page to display the desired results. Deck Tile (7) Patio Block (42) Paver (76)Get Sample

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Build a wood frame around the patio area using 2-by-6 boards. Use a carpenter square at the corners to ensure the boards are at right angles. Attach the boards with 3-inch wood screws at the corners.Get Sample

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Want to lay a paver patio over an existing granite patio that’s all moartered in, and has a good foundation, under it..doesn’t move. the concrete between the stones is starting to bust up. about 40 yrs old.Get Sample